a journal of my days,,

Friday, 16 November 2018

Busy days,

Yesterday our daughter had dental surgery, Garry stayed with her, even in their thirties a girl still needs her daddy, she was very nervous as they reclined her and they gave her a little  “ gas” to calm her down, she was very nervous.
She said she remembered nothing from that point lol.
I stayed with Gracie and Teagan and to say we were busy is an understatement, separate they are an ever loving joy, together it is total chaos.
Teagan is three and is full on boss mode, as in she is the boss, all thirty pounds of her!
Gracie is so easy going she gives in to her constantly,  
Gracie can’t stand fighting, crying, raised voices, 
she gets very anxious so Teagan basically gets her way more times than not, she's not a bad child , she's just jealous of nine year old Gracie, wants to do big girl things that at three years of age are just a bit difficult.
Gracie has patience with her and it's a good thing.
The time passed quickly, 
We spent a good part of the afternoon painting,  they both love to puddle and paint, 
it's fun for us all.
Gracie helped glue my cards onto the blanks, she even painted a little snow on each card, she is such a good helper,  Teagan is just a bit small for intricate tasks so she kept herself busy by painting the arm of my desk chair purple, 
Purple is her favorite colour.
Teagan is such  good helper, 
she applied her best effort, 
I only have one good eye and at best I see twenty percent, from it,
 Teagan and Gracie know this, 
Little monkeys take advantage of bumbling blind Nana. 
I asked Teagan
  " Did you do that purple painting on my chair ? 
She said no, Gee Gee did,
 ( that's her name for Gracie , )
even at three they know to cast the blame, 
oh my,,,
She is a sweet heart and I should have been watching more carefully, but it washed off so no problems, although I did make Teagan clean the mess up, she didn't like it one bit, I told her if she is old enough to make the mess then she's old enough to clean it up.
It took her forever and a few tears but I doubt she will ever paint on the furniture again.
Too be honest there is hardly a piece of furniture in this house that I haven't  sprayed or slopped on, the last few years I have made more than my share of messes,,,as my vision  worsened  I wasn't aware of my slip ups.
So a little paint here and there,,

I noticed during their visit that 
Gracie was even more quiet than usual and after some questioning, we finally got the the bottom of her serious mood.
She had over heard Lyndsy and I talking about how some people have all their teeth removed at once,  Gracie with her very most serious bewildered face asked,,
 " Nana will everyone laugh at my Mum because she has no teeth, and how will she eat ?
Poor little soul worried all day about lyndsy losing all her teeth lol,
I told no her mummy was only having two taken out , just to make some room.
No more worries.