Friday, 12 January 2018

Myers - Briggs test.I found this really interesting,

I really like Pinterest and have saved so many great ideas that I have never and will probably never try.

The sheet pan meals look great and I think we all have made  versions of these over the years but didn't have a given name for them.
I have made several recipes from Pinterest and they flopped big time but I have had a few winners. For inspiration and just pleasant viewing I like Pinterest.

I know my Grand daughter would love this hat and the lemon grey combo is really unique.
Pinterest is my alternative to magazines and I do spend too much time there, I know I do but look what you can learn lol,,
A personality test.

I found this really interesting, enlightening to say the least. I had never heard of it. The Myers- Briggs test,  it is a personality test.
the link is here,
I would tell you what my type is but unfortunately one of my traits is I have a bad memory lol, I have forgotten.I will take the test again but I do know they were spot on!
I am a I follow my instincts ,  dreamer, a loner but social in that I like to hear what other people do but from the side lines so that probably why I like blogging. I am a better listener than a talker.
Its all in good fun but I must say mine was very accurate..

Friday, 5 January 2018

Paint party Friday.

This was the last day for the Micheal's Craft Store 40% off coupon so in the beastly cold off we went to buy a sheet of watercolor paper.I have a large frame that fits the sheet of paper perfectly and I like to change out the painting once in a while but in all honestly I just really wanted to paint something and once an idea comes it has to come to be, I'm not settled until I do it.
I need to work on that, a most annoying personality trait.
Everything is right with the world when I stand before a pristine sheet of paper or canvas.
I have had the desire to repaint this painting of canoes reflection in the water, I no longer have the original I painted about ten years ago.

Is it the same as the original I first painted , no it is not.
Not by a long shot but it gave me joy to recreate it today with the skills set I have now so it is the same painting yet different.
My husband and I spent a lot of time on the lake in the canoe ,  it was one of our favorite pass times. We would skim across the water as if on wings in silence all but the sound of our paddles as they methodically dipped in and out of the water.
That is why Silent Pleasure is written on the side of the canoe.

As I write this post it is Thursday evening there is a beautiful sunset tonight and I didn't think to capture it until it had just dipped behind the horizon, a subtle glow casting the tree tops a golden crown.
The sky has lots to say tonight,
full of stars!
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Thursday, 4 January 2018

harsh reality.

I have always had a love hate relationship with bears.
I admire them in their beauty and clever ways, their parenting skills and playful personalities but I also am fully aware of their dangerous side.
I grew up and lived most of my life where bears lived all around us, visiting our apple trees and gardens regularly, having them cross the road ahead or behind me when out walking home and seeing their tracks often. My children also grew up this way.
While talking to our son last night he told us that a pack of wolves entered a bear den, killed and ate the bear last week up North where he lives.
Its really cold where he is, even colder than we are and thats cold. He said it was minus 40 as  he spoke  to us.
The wolves are hungry and the intense cold requires more calories to survive so  they decided on a meal that was available. I had never heard of that happening although my father told me wolves will dig up a beaver house in winter and eat them, I did know that but a bear, I was shocked.
Wolves go for the easiest meal, the young moose, young deer, the old, and feeble or sick.
I suppose this will startle and disgust some of you but its life. 
I was so shocked I felt compelled to share.

 some of the bears I have painted,
I do admire bears and have a healthy respect for them.
At our home we left to move to where we live now there was a bear den just down the shore from our house, for over 10 years all winter was passed its den on our walks, it wasn't until one spring a high wind blew down several big spruce trees that we discovered the fresh den of the bear, a well used established den with his calling card deposited just outside his door. Evidence of his recent awakening.
That was a memorable moment.
Nature can be so harsh, its a whole different world out there.
Keep warm everyone that lives in the cold climate and to those of my friends that live in warm climates, I envy very much!
Think warm thoughts for me,

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

WOWW # 448

A very boring entry today I'm afraid.
Nothing much going on here today.
I think we are all still in cookie coma.
As most of you know I don't have a desk or a room of my own for my painting or crafting, 99% of what I do is at this old table. Since leaving our house and moving to the city space is limited, I do have a spare room with a work space I could use where Garry does his puttering but for some reason I'm always drawn back out to the front room at this table. I have always worked at this table so I just do.
Creature of habit.
This year on the 3rd day of 2018 found me making apple crisp, I have had to change my apple peeling methods since my vision went south. I always in the past cut the apples in quarters then cored and peeled the quarters. Now I sit and methodically peel around each apple, much slower but it saves on band aides and blood loss.
I had been painting in my journal early and its still sitting there, most of my journal entries I don't really show to anyone.
Just for me, thats all.
I have a few paintings I consider to be my very best work that only a few people other than myself have ever seen. Somehow I felt it would have taken  away from the magic  I felt creating the work if I was  to share them.
Is that strange?

Its very snowy and very cold.Garry has to go out this afternoon but I'm staying in.

photo Soo Today.
Our streets are in bad shape.

 photos Soo Today.  
Our lakes are in worse shape but ice breaking has commenced.
I'll stay  inside looking at this.
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Saturday, 30 December 2017

welcoming a new year,

A New Year is not always a happy time for everyone.
When we are celebrating and having a gay old time we should not expect everyone to feel the same. You cannot force someone to be happy, it has to come to them in its own way and time.
They say depression is at its all time high at this time of year.
I can understand that, the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs, loss of dreams , sometimes we just lose ourselves and its a struggle to go on.
I have been fortunate to never feel the bite of depression but I do know people who suffer from this horrible infliction and they have told me New Years is a horrible time for them.
We should think of them and just try to understand,, no words needed,, just be there.
All I have left of my Mum and Dad are photos and the memories held tight in my mind.

       I always remind myself to have more smiles remembering the wonderful times we shared than tears shed thinking of times we didn't.
Wishing you all the best this coming year possible with many many more smiles than tears.
Happy New Year everyone.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Paint Party Friday.

A simple Apple Crisp recipe in my journal , watercolor illustration, plain and simple.
Here we are at the end of another year and  I wish for everyone good health and happiness.
As we turn the page to begin a new year let's leave behind us the sadness and anger , disappointment and despair to start a new year fresh and strong.
Happy New Year to everyone.

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

WOWW # 447

And so that was Christmas.
Weeks of planning and working to create the best Christmas ever, finished in a few short hours.

Personally I don't work for weeks preparing for Christmas,  I prefer a more simple approach. Lack of storage, the desire for more simple look and feel guide me on how I decorate and celebrate and always with a nature them involved, always.
I use pine, cedar and  spruce boughs, pinecones and oak keys, cranberries and popcorn, gingerbread  bread creations and oranges and nuts, paper snow flakes and ice lanterns. The only materials I store from year to year are a string of lights, a few small Christmas ornaments and red ribbon.
Choosing natural and recyclable materials is a win win in my mind, for me. I know its not for everyone it just the way I like it  but oh how I love to admire the beauty people create with lights, baubles and all the things available .

We have had so much snow and stormy weather, the trans Canada highway that goes through our city has been closed several times due to white out conditions. We live nestled on the shore of  the junction of the two Great Lakes, Huron and Superior and we get some nasty lake effect weather and this Christmas was no exception.
I took this photo out our bedroom window here at our apartment in town. As you can see we have had a bit of snow.
 we are buried in it!
Temperatures are in the minus, minus 25 minus 30 Celsius.
Really really cold.

This is whats on my workdesk today, this morning actually. I'm making a watercolor journal .
Many years ago my husband gave me a leather sketch book with an insert that we believed was replaceable.
Well after the book was filled with my year of paintings and scribbles I went to purchase another insert only to be told that they do not sell them! A major book store chain here in Canada selling these lovely leather books and they don't sell the inserts. We searched high and low and could not find the right size so thats when I began making my own.
I cut watercolor paper from a pad, stitch them together creating the signature inserts, cover the spine with a sturdy cloth, glued the cloth down , clamped it to dry and created a card board cover to fit in the insert slots in my leather cover.

When I first began to make my own inserts I followed the instruction for the signatures
( page inserts )
to the letter . Stitching by hand, but now as my vision has worsened I do it very unconventionally to say the least, 
  ( thats putting it mildly )
I have only myself to please in the end.
But it works and I make one every year in December to start fresh every year.
All finished for another year.

My leather book cover has no buttons or zippers, just a leather strap binds it together, just as I like it and its now filled with pristine white watercolor pages waiting for my drips and dribbles to create and record stories of the year to come. 
Pure and Simple.
That is Whats on my work desk Wednesday for this the last Wednesday of  2017
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Saturday, 23 December 2017

the day before the day before Christmas,, what are you doing?

I was wondering this morning,, mind wandering, as it does in the wee early hours,, what are all my blogging friends up to on this the day before the day before Christmas.
You would have found me crawling around the table under the sewing machine on the search for an escaped monkey eyes  ( buttons ), searching by feel because my eyes fail me miserably.
Then trying to thread an oversized darning needle with red yard to give said monkeys a mouth because our Grand daughter who is Autistic will call me on it if these monkeys are not complete.
Then to find the oversized needle won't fit through the buttons I'm using for eyes on the monkeys after so proudly getting the yard to thread after only twenty tries.
Then baking one more pan of cookies, Pecan snowball cookies, because is there ever enough cookies at Christmas and they look so pretty on the plate.
With latex glove covering last weeks hand burns I set about rolling and baking the tiny balls.
Task complete with only a few a bit to brown
( burned ) but that will be breakfast because by now its all of 7 am.
By this time my husband is up and showered making coffee, telling me I'm crazy and why do I do this, put myself through the aggravation and work.
I tell him if I give up, give in and stop trying I'm afraid I will lose part of me.
If only one task of many turns out I feel I have won another battle.

Monkeys finished, cookies finished and as long as no one looks too closely all is fine.
Wonky monkeys, miss shaped snow ball cookies and poorly wrapped gifts.
I say perfection is highly over rated.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Paint Party Friday

We now have quite a bit of snow but these deer are looking fat and healthy to go into the winter. This photo was taken by my good friend Diane very close to our property, the tracks we see on our driveway could very well be from these very deer!

Its Paint Party Friday  and  I'm sharing an older piece I painted , watercolor, on 140 pound cold press paper, 16 x 20.
It was one of those paintings that grow in your imagination and pester you till you put them on canvas or in this case paper lol.
Mother Nature with all her friends around her.This photo was taken after it was framed and sadly the glass distorts the appearance somewhat but it remains a favorite for the season of mine.
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Thursday, 21 December 2017

the making of monkeys on winter solstice.

winter solstice, a time of reflection and rest.
Nature sleeps now to prepare for spring, the night comes gently casting an indigo glow on the snow early tonight.

 Forty some years ago on  this night with not a breath of  wind under a winter sky of dark velvet dotted with stars shining like diamonds two young sweethearts were joined in marriage.
I chose the date carefully, a  good omen, good luck.
I was young, so was he,
I was a dreamer full of fun and laughter,
he was a thinker so very serious.
With an uncertain future held fast before us  all we knew for certain was that we loved each other and that was enough.
It still is.
I made my first sock monkey today with the help of my husband, he enjoyed every minute of it,,
NOT !!!
Nope he did not like doing this one bit.
But it is our  anniversary so he did as I asked. 
He truly becomes my eyes for me more times than I wish to say.
We are a good team.
Happy Solstice everyone!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Whats on your workdesk wednesdy # 446

There is a saying you may have heard,
" Like a bee in my bonnet".
My interpretation of this saying is that I have an idea come to mind and I am just not happy until it comes to completion.

A crow was the bee in my bonnet this past week.

Something special, a gift I stitched with love for a dear dear friend.
So I sketched and measured, cut and sewed, stuffed and bent wire for legs, and a crow was born and the bee was released from my bonnet lol.
I also filled my cloche this week with moss and rocks that I gathered from a place we visit often and a  tiny birch bark canoe that almost drove me to distraction making!
Another bee that was in my bonnet.

So that was part of what I worked on this past week, along with gift wrapping, cookie baking, card making.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, 18 December 2017

the making of a ginger bread house.

Every year for the past thirty some odd  years I have sketched a house, cut a pattern from old cereal boxes, made the dough, chilled it, rolled it out, cut out the house, baked it, assembled it, then finally decorated it.
The only difference in the past years has been that instead of our three children helping with this task it has now been our Grandchildren. Our Grandson was first born and he was an eager helper more in the capacity of taste testing building and decorating materials than actually building, the  Granddaughters followed several years later who have taken up the job most admirably of helping Nana finish the house.
So Saturday daughter our oldest daughter came over from the United States with cookies in hand and a fresh laid chicken egg in her pocket  to help with the gingerbread house then followed by our youngest child and  her two little ones in tow.
Our Grandson is a teen now and hasn't helped with a house in quite some time but our 8 year old and 2 1/2 year old granddaughters help  and as you can see did an excellent job.
Sadly the eight yearold would regret later that day the amount of sampling she did but that comes with job sometimes.

I think they did an excellent job!
I used a gingerbread recipe without eggs for the house and the gingerbread men I used a recipe with eggs which makes a more tasty cookie. The dough used for the house without egg makes the house pieces when baked like concrete  making for easy construction. 
I freehand the cutting of the gingerbread men so everyone has a different sometimes quite odd look about them and every year they seem to get bigger as my vision worsens. 
 This year I tried a new house construction method, I boiled sugar and water till it spun a thread and used this mixture as a glue  to hold the house pieces in place, works quickly and most efficiently!
Word of caution, this mixture works great but be careful, it is worse than hot glue to have on your skin. I have now passed this job on to my husband who has good eyes.
Warning, the photo you are about to see is gross,
 I spilled a bit  of the syrup on the tip  of my thumb then down the side of my thumb.
My would later husband ask if making the house was worth the pain of the burn and it was.
I just need to ask for help a bit more. I putter away all day long doing this and that and my husband never knows what I'm doing but if he had known he would have insisted on helping with this job.
I should have had the common sense to ask for help but sadly I am a slow learner.
I value my independence sometimes past the point of common sense.
I heal quickly and it hardly hurts now at all just the tip of my thumb throbs a bit.
Mission accomplished!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Paint Party Friday!

I held in my mind's eye the vision of an owl hunting on a heavy overcast late March day to later become a painting.
His shadow was what was what fascinated me the most, how it seemed to float along as a separate entity.
When the thaw comes in March the warm sun begins to melt the snow and this chases the field mice to the surface making mouse hunting an easy sport for the crafty owls!
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