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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

air cleaning solutions.

         Since my head injury I have had problems with asthma and                                allergies so I do all I can to keep our apartments air clean.
We have this air cleaner in the bedroom , its for smaller spaces, runs very quiet and so far we are quite pleased.
We have this larger one in the living room.
It's made by Honeywell, for larger spaces, runs really quietly and we are pleased with its performance completely.

Our apartment is approximately 900 square feet open concept and we have found a major difference in air quality since using these appliances, really pleased.
I have had beeswax candles everywhere in the apartment as well, they are suppose to help clean the air as well.
I have no idea if this has been proven but I love the smell and have them placed everywhere throughout our home for years.
High tech solutions and low tech.
I have no affiliation with either of the models shown here but I really like both of them.
I wish I could say the beeswax candles solved all the problems but they don't.
Wishful thinking,,
but city life comes with pollution and the air cleaners do help with that.


  1. The air gets very dry inside in winter too.

  2. I do think that quiet is important for things like that - I love to have clean air!

  3. How cool, we have the same brand and model of air filter/purifier, shown in the first photo. One of my sons bought it for me and I use it in my bedroom. It does clean the air, you can see that by checking the filter. My dog sleeps in my bedroom so it is doubly nice to use it there.

  4. When I moved up north from Montreal, I really noticed the difference in the quality of the air. I think it's important to clean the air if you're in the cities for sure. The candles are very pretty! I've always wanted to make them, you know the roll-up kind where you can buy the slabs...that's something I'd like to try when I have the budget for it because I use a lot of candles!

  5. I love how you problem solve! We have a Rainbow vacuum and you can put fresh water in the basin and turn it on without the power nozzle and it cleans the air. I used it a lot when Louis Dean had some trouble with asthma. It's not quiet, though!

  6. Salt lamps are supposed to help as well and spider plant;s.

  7. My daughter in Chicago and son in Maryland have these in their bedrooms. We wouldn't use them in Hawaii since our windows are always open.

  8. I love your combination of old and new tech. I have problems with allergies sometimes, maybe I'll try to help my breathing a bit, you always inspire me in so many ways...

  9. How interesting. I used rotating fans to stir the air around, but I had not heard of these cleaning air products. The beeswax candles are lovely.
    We have a small apartment too. It works for us, and we can clean it from top to bottom so much faster than the big old parsonage we lived in for so many years.

  10. That's true, city life comes with pollution.. :(

  11. Thanks for the information Laurie. Do you burn your candles or just leave them for the smell? I have allergies too. Big Hugs!

  12. I may try beeswax candles. I just like the smell of fresh air with our dogs in the house. I have a honeywell machine already

  13. Nice to keep air freshener to keep the air fresh. Than these it is nice to keep candles. I always go with the natural things:)

  14. Mm, beeswax candles sound fab, suspect they might be like the things I tried that were supposed to get rid of geckoes inside and don’t! But nice smell!
    Glad the other tools help too, Laurie.
    Hugs Shaz in OzX.