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Sunday, 15 July 2018

no such thing as global warming, I beg to differ.

The people of this village on the shore of Greenland fear of a tsunami from ice berg that has broken off and inches closer and closer.
No such thing as Global warming President Trump?
I wonder how he would feel if this was outside his back door, I am not a political person, I am Canadian so whom ever the United States of America choose for their president is none of my business , I understand that but even I,  who avoids the news at all cost as of late could not be aware of the Trump saga that is ongoing.
They say never in history has there been such a controversial president, is that correct?
Well, I wonder if this would change his mind , an iceberg looming outside his door and I wonder what he would do.

Maybe he would build a wall.
A link for the whole story.