a journal of my days,,

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

this man of mine,

It’s Autumn, there’s snowing falling north of us.
Everyday the leaves have taken on a touch more gold or red, soon our days will be golden.

I miss my dog as much today as I did on that dreadful day he left this earth but Fall was a wonderful time for us with our boy Buck, such a good dog he was , he did the canine family proud he did , our boy Buck.
I painted this of him digging clams on the shore in front of our house,  he was my constant companion, he truly believed it was his mission on this earth to keep me safe.
When people approached us on our walks  this little warrior placed himself between myself and the other person and even a meeting with well meaning friends would be shunted by a small bark telling them to back up,  we have no idea why he acted in this way but it began after my accident.
He trotted down our woodland road with his head and tail held high, 20 pounds of golden fluff and bone, a strong willed terrier that believed he was a 100 pound Rottweiler,  of this I am certain.

After my head injury I had my own fate in my hands and took measures to enable my life to run as it always had , I counted my steps , up our driveway,  65 steps,  to the mailbox, 350, so on and so on.
 Counting steps, the neighbors dogs that came up to greet us,  the opening of the forest along the road changed the light and sound of air around me, all were markers of my way, 
I didn’t have as much vision loss then as I now have but I was training myself in my own clumsy odd ways to keep in control.
And of course I had my dog Buck,
All I had to say was ,, let’s go home Buck and he would never fail me, he always brought us home. 
Who do I now have for a constant companion you may ask.?
I have a  handsome silver haired man with a serious exterior covering a marshmallow heart who on this fine September day is on the phone arguing with Sirius radio, to have our bill reduced, a practise he well and truly loves.
Nothing he loves more than a challenge and since his retirement he will spend hours looking for the best deal and bless the poor soul  who answers his call at what ever business it is on any particular day, 
 he will grill them within an inch of their life, with the most serious intimidating voice that our Gracie calls papa bear voice, he never backs down , he never becomes angry, never raises his voice but from the moment the transaction begins the person knows they have already lost any battle that may ensue.
After a battle of back and forth and sometimes many many  minutes later the poor worker on the other end of the phone will accept defeat, succumb to my husbands demands and the battle is over.

Gently this man of mine hangs the phone up all the while a sly smile is the only revealing sign of  his true joy satisfaction.
It makes his day!
This man of mine!,,
Please over look mistakes in this post, what a challenge this iPad is.
I guess at most things, my words are misunderstood by the tiny being responsible for converting voice to print, I ramble and I  do go on, for this I apoligize,